As with books, when a PDF document has a generous number of pages, it is time to consider numbering them.

In a text with 50, 100, 500 pages, it is essential to have some reference element.

Whether you are creating a PDF document or reading it, it is recommended that the pages be numbered. Although I have few. As children we are taught to reference the pages to find information or quickly return to a place, and the truth is that it is a very practical and efficient system.

In this PDF tutorial we will see how to insert page numbers to a PDF.

To carry it out, we will use the service, which allows you to edit PDFs online. Keep in mind that we are going to upload the PDF to an unknown third-party server, so do not upload documents with private or sensitive information.

Access the website and press the Select PDF file button to upload the PDF whose pages you want to number:

Different options will appear that allow you to choose how you want to number the pages of the PDF.

Let’s go over them.

The Single or Double Sided Pages option indicates how the PDF will look if you print it. If you are going to print it on a single side per sheet, use the Unique pages option. If you are going to involve Double-sided, use the second option.

Then you can choose whether the numbers appear above or below the page. Also the first and last page of the PDF you want to number (you may want to number only one part), and the first number that will appear on the first page. The rest will be correlative. That is, if you start with 6 it will be 6, 7, 8, etc.

We can select the position of the number within the page: left, center or right.

Finally, the typography (the typeface) and its size.

In Format we decide if we only want the number, or something like Page 5 or Page 5 of 10.

When we’re done, just click on Insert page numbers.

How to remove a watermark to a PDF

Watermarks are used to prevent others from plagiarizing or using without permission a photo, a job, or a particular project.

Making it clear that there is no intention to plagiarize or take advantage of the work of others, sometimes we need to remove a watermark from a PDF.

We may have put it on, but it has become dated. For example, if it is a date, or a name or logo that has been modernized.

In this PDF tutorial we will explain how to remove a watermark from a PDF. Once deleted, we can leave the document without it, or add a new one.

Watermarks are usually simple images that stick to the PDF. What we are going to do is convert the PDF to Word, remove the watermark in Word, and then convert back to PDF, if we are interested.

Convert a PDF to a Word document 

To convert a PDF to a Word document we will use the I Love PDF service. It has a function called Convert PDF to Word, which does just that.

Keep in mind that you are uploading the file to a third-party server. Do not upload documents with personal or private information.

Click on Convert to Word to perform the conversion:

After a few seconds of work, you will get a link to download the converted document to Word.

Once on your computer, open it with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice or any other application that recognizes documents in Word format.

Find the watermark, select it, and press the Delete or Del key to erase it. You can also do it with the right button, in the context menu that appears.

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