PDF files have many utilities, but in most cases we use them to read their content, or print it.

There are times when we will read a PDF more than once, so we are interested in highlighting the most important, so as not to waste time next time. Or maybe you want to pass it on to another person, highlighting the strengths. Or you have to make corrections to a text.

Whatever the case, it is very common to highlight text in a PDF, which is also called underlining or highlighting text in a PDF.

The official Adobe application, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, is basically a PDF reader, but it also allows you to make some simple modifications, such as highlighting text. So we will use it for this simple operation.

Start by downloading Acrobat Reader DC from your website. Pay attention because by default you also download and install the McAffee antivirus. Uncheck the option if you’re not interested.

Once installed, enter the File menu and open the PDF you want to highlight. Click on the arrow icon (Selection) in the top bar:

Click with the mouse on the beginning of the text, and drag everything you want to highlight. When you’re done, click on the pen-shaped icon, called Highlight Text, on the top bar:

By default, the text is highlighted in yellow:

If you want it in another color, right-click on the marker’s icon, and choose Show Properties Bar. On the bar, tap the yellow icon and change the color:

When you have finished highlighting the PDF text, enter the File menu and click Save to store the changes. The underlined PDF will appear when you open it again.

One of the strengths of PDF documents is that they cannot be edited, at least not directly. They are protected by a protection that is far from infallible. In fact, there are many programs to edit PDF without problems, one of them Google Drive.

The Google cloud integrates other company tools, such as Docs, Google’s alternative to Microsoft Word. It is in this section of Drive where you can edit a PDF. Here we explain how you can do it yourself from any PC with an Internet connection.

  • Upload the PDF document to Drive
  • Right click on it
  • Select Open with> Docs
  • Edit it
  • To save as PDF go to File> Save How> PDF

How to print a protected PDF

The PDF standard has become a universal document storage system, because the content always looks the same regardless of the device where you view it.

Many PDFs are protected, to prevent them from being edited or printed. Can you print a protected PDF?

It is reasonable that some PDFs cannot be modified, especially in the case of company documents, invoices, etc. But in many cases you need a paper copy for your files, and since it is a protected PDF, it is not possible.

Luckily, there are countless methods to print a protected PDF. Here we will explain one of the simplest.

To unlock a protected PDF you can use countless web pages or specialized programs.

Soda PDF 

One of the services that works best is Soda PDF Anywhere, through its online Unlock PDF website.

It is very simple to use. You simply have to enter the web through the previous link. Press the My Computer button to search the PDF on your PC, either on hard drives or external storage. You can also use the Dropbox or Google Drive buttons to search PDFs in those online stores (if you have an account on them with files of this type).

Once you have located the protected PDF you want to print, press the Unlock button:

If the PDF is also encrypted it will ask you for a password, which you should know.

After a few seconds, the PDF ready to print will be displayed, and you can save it to your computer for future use:

Keep in mind that you are uploading the protected PDF file to a third-party server, and we don’t know what they do with it. Soda PDF Anywhere ensures that it is not read or stored anywhere, and is deleted from its servers in 24 hours. But it is not advisable to upload files with private or Internet sensitive information.

Another thing to know is that this service does not work with very large files, larger than 20 MB. If the PDF occupies a lot you will have to use other similar tools, like PDF Unlocker or equivalent.

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