The PDF is one of the most popular formats in the world, and it is easy to convert it to virtually any extension that comes to mind. A .pdf file can be converted into an image (.jpg), a text document (.doc) and even a PowerPoint presentation. And without downloading programs.

Pages to convert PDF to Word (.doc and others)

Let’s start with the pages that allow you to convert PDF to Word. Files with a .pdf extension can be transformed into editable text files that allow you to modify any document data, but not all programs have the option to make this conversion. Luckily, there are many pages that allow you to convert files online.

The is a page especially recommended for someone who wants to convert PDFs into Word formats that go beyond the most common extension. This page allows you to convert the file to the extensions of .DOC, .DOCX and even .TXT.

Then, we also have pages that, without being entirely dedicated to a single format, have among their functions the option of obtaining a Word document from a PDF. That is the case of websites such as, or

Pages to convert a PDF into a JPG image

But if we are not interested in modifying the document data, it is likely that the option that best suits us is to convert the PDF into a JPG. What we will be doing in this case is to create an image of the entire document, and although this format has the disadvantage that it cannot be edited, the image that is created from our PDF will have high resolution and will allow us to zoom in any part of the file

But there are more websites of this type. If the first page does not convince you, try also converting to, or, as well as we can give a chance or, if we want to convert to reverse,

Pages to convert a PDF into Excel and useful programs

To finish with the online PDF conversion pages, we cannot forget to talk about the Excel format. A document with a .pdf extension can also be converted into an Excel, and for this we have to mention again a free Nitro tool available at If that does not work, there are also other alternatives such as, or

All these conversions can also be done through installable programs in Windows. OpenOffice Writer has different functions related to PDF conversion, it is free to download and can be installed by following this link. If we are looking for something more professional, the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC program is one of the best tools to work with the PDF format (it can be downloaded from here, but it costs 15.72 euros per month).

In the case of Android devices, the most recommended applications of Google Play to make a conversion are PDF Converter Pro, OfficeSuite or, in the case that we are interested in converting to a PDF, PDF Converter: Documents to PDF.

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