Not many customs in the world are as profitable for the human being as reading, which combines entertainment with knowledge and alone is a complete companion for the whole day or a while. How to download Free PDF Books

However, there is a notable problem and it is that we cannot always take them anywhere, and if we do, we would have to reduce the options to a comfortable load selection, which does not take up much space in our bags.

Fortunately, technological advances have not neglected this area to design solutions that facilitate access to books or any other type of text, creating different digital formats within the reach of a click on the screen.

Among these, through this article we will talk about books in Portable Document Format, better known as PDF, its benefits and pages to download for free.

What are PDF books?

As we have described, these are digitized versions of books in PDF format, a program created in 1992 by Adobe Systems, and initially used for very specific and even confidential purposes.

Thanks to the Internet and broadband links, these purposes have been transformed, opening new corporate, institutional and personal opportunities, widely used and of universal domain.

Benefits of PDF books

To understand a little better the advantages of reading a book through a mobile or fixed screen, and especially through PDF, it is necessary to branch it into two parts.

Digital reading

1. News

Modernity and digital era has generated an impact on the daily life of man that forces him to resort to new alternatives to keep up with his various activities (studies, work, hobbies, among others). Read in digital formats in a viable adaptation.

2. Comfort

It was already mentioned above: it is not easy to carry more than a couple of books in a bag, luggage or just your hands. It is true that you can go to the selection, but what if you want to read something else? Adapting to technology can allow you to take all you want in a computer folder.

3. Durability

Physical books wear out over time and use, they are also vulnerable to agents such as water (rain) or spilled drinks, while on a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone they will remain. In addition, today there are perfectly waterproof equipment.

4. Security

How many times has it happened to you that you lend a book and when you want to read it just remember that you don’t have it with you? You can share a digital book through email, Bluetooth or any computer data transfer program. Likewise, you prevent the possibility of losing it.

Portable Document Format

1. Compatibility

It is multiplatform, which means that you can view it from any computer regardless of the operating system that applies (Windows, Linux, MacOS or iOS, Android, among others).

1.1 Applications

It is the most extended program and with the greatest updates in constant development for mobile devices that to date has more than 80, for reading, audio, video, scanning and other possibilities.

2. Reliability

PDF books maintain their original structure, recreating the experience of reading a text in its original version. In some cases, the page step is virtually simulated.

3. Multimedia

Depending on the type of book you are reading, PDF may also contain images, audios and even videos and 3D illustrations, as well as hypertext elements (links, links, bookmarks, etc.).

How to download Free PDF Books

3.1 Physical version

According to its implications, we will not necessarily be referring to a work that has a physical version. Today there are many books that are published directly on the web.

3.2 Limited Edition

Keep in mind that it is the Internet, so there are valuable elements that can be added to add interest and maybe some royalties. A special edition could justify it.

4. Compression

Not only physical space benefits from replacement through a digital book. PDF significantly compresses the size of your files, maximizing the amount of texts you can save.

5. Online

PDF is the only direct viewing program in web browsers, unlike Microsoft or Open Office files that require a download. You can read online or download it if you prefer.

6. Linguistic universality

There are two ways to translate a book into digital format and the most favorite is scanning. PDF has OCR (optical character recognition) technology to detect more than 190 languages and edit them.

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